Demystifying the Myths About Interview Handling



Get Equipped in CV Writing, Interview Handling & Personal Presentation

27th  -  29th NOV 2019

About Us

We intend to coach and equip young women on Life, Values, and Significance



Enthuse the young women to be confident in who they are, make sound decisions, and navigate life effectively.


By learning to value their essence and being, they learn to have healthy relationships and continously build themselves and each other up.


Inspiring purposeful living and enthusiasm for positive influence.



Is it possible? Is it Attainable? What is even perfect?

How do I get to measure whether it is perfect?

But this is what we were taught when growing up. I mean the picture was clearly drawn and marked out for us. You have to be...

Straight A student

Just like uncle who is a manager

Talk to your cousin who just got the big promotion

When I grow up I want to be...

What happens when what we deemed attainable, perfect, the way doesn’t seem achievable anymore? What happens after scoring the good grades and going to the university and still I can’t quite seem to even get your foot in the door.

Did I miss a mark?

Is it because of that one subject that I couldn’t quite get straight? What happened?

I have done so many applications, even had someone look up my CV but I still can’t quite seem to have it figured out.

At Almah Interview Ready we will not promise you perfection. We believe in guiding you as you progress. We walk the journey with you as we identify where you seem to be stuck and give you the tools so that you get unstuck. We equip you with the right tools as you become INTERVIEW READY.

You have to be willing to start the journey. We make sure you are well prepared. Are you willing to go that extra mile?


Come and get Equipped in:

  • CV Writing
  • Interview Handling
  • Personal Presentation




Moving from confusion to clarity


The Wait Finally Paid Off

I was working as a clerk in a hospital in Eldoret for six years. My husband at the time was working in Nairobi when we got married. The travelling costs became expensive as I had to travel to and fro to visit.
I decided to resign and relocate to Nairobi. A decision that was difficult to make at the time and one I had to run over my mind a few times. The plan was that I would look for another job back in the city.

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Is Excellent Grades the Key to Success?

Growing up, I do not remember my parents agreeing on much but education was a non-negotiable. Getting straight As and an occasional B, when you had a bad day, was not an option for my siblings and I. You had to or else your future will be ruined. I mean God forbid you become like Uncle Brian who did not finish school and now hops from one blue collar job to another.

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Transitioning Back to Work After a Long Break

I quit employment to take care of my three beautiful children. It was a tough decision but one I had to take without regret. But as we speak, they are all grown up and enrolled in school. Hence, I had to plan myself on developing a new career trajectory for my life.

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Demystifying the Myths About Interview Handling

Get Equipped in CV Writing, Interview Handling & Personal Presentation