Lady Laimani Bidali, Founder of Alabastron Network Trust

The twenties are a very important decade in shaping our lives and life outcomes. I am not saying that you cannot correct them later, you can. However, why not save yourself a few years of heartache, regret, and pain. Why not shorten your learning curve?

That is why Almah Life is here, tailor-made for young women in consideration to the struggles and fears they have that affect their future.

The Twenties are about self-discovery (identity), self-esteem (value) and defining your life (significance)

It is about who am I? Who am I becoming? And why?

almah life
about us

How Almah Life came to be

Alabastron Network Trust has been in existence for 10 years and through its various programs has interacted with over 20,000 women, and coached approximately 10,000. Our aim is to create a network of women who are committed to improving the quality of life experience for themselves, their families, and society.

When a woman is INpowered, there are ripple effect benefits experienced by her entire circle of influence. Alabastron has received feedback from parents, husbands, children, and employers on the impact it has had on their lives indirectly.

Alabastron works with a diversity of women in age, religion, race, culture, social economic background and economic position, sexual and gender orientation. It is through this work that we have realized that women lose themselves very early in life and this accelerates in their college years. Thus the birth of Almah Life

Almah is a Hebrew word meaning young maiden. A maiden in our society, refers to a young woman between the ages of 19-29 years, at this age she is making decisions on career, marriage, and children. The words Almah Life, express our desire to equip young women with life tools that will give them value and significance.

Our Mission

Equipping young women to move from confusion to clarity and be a positive influence in their communities

Why it is important?

Knowing oneself and accepting the weaknesses and strengths that one has, generates a sure-footed self-confidence that is not intimidated by life experiences.

  • It is important for every young woman to know her identity by who she defines herself as and not what others impose on her.
  • It is important for a young woman to understand her significance so that she can live to her potential within her passion.
  • It is important for a young woman to know the opportunities available to her. To know how to tap into them with ethics, principles, and skills that elevates her and others.
  • It is important for every young woman to live life with a clear motive and moral belief that is not tainted by what she has done but by who she is becoming.
almah life
about us

What we want to do about it

We will coach and equip young women on life, values, and significance. A woman’s radiance of joy, peace, and love influences everyone around her and no matter the season in her life, she will always be fruitful without hiding her inner self.

The ripple effect from the transformation of the young women will spread to different areas that they will venture in to. We will have better employees, representatives, and maternal power to nurture a great generation in future.

“Every girl, no matter where she is from, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her.”

- Michelle Obama

This is how we will do it

There are five courses done in five boot camp series at Almah Life. These courses cover five main areas of a young woman’s life that informs how she relates and present her. What her values are and how to use them to influence her community. They inform how she shows up at work; how she relates to employers, friends, family, and the people she meets in her lifetime. Lastly, spiritual confidence governs who she is in relation to her faith and beliefs.


This is how we will do it


Shades of Brown

Identity :– every young woman struggles with her identity as she asserts her principles, values, and beliefs of self. This course will cover personal knowledge and identifying who she is. It helps in understanding self and self-management. The name of the course is Shades of Brown.

Unblock Purpose

Significance and purpose :– most women wonder is this all there is to life? Where and how do I want to leave my footprint? This course covers what we are passionate about, what matters to us, and how we can package it to serve others and transform lives. It covers how we use our gifts and passions to make an impact in society. The name of the course is Unblock Purpose.


Suited for Work.

Work Mindset :- this course covers the principles, skills, and ethics expected in the workplace. It is about how we can be effective and present in our positions in any organization as employees or entrepreneurs. It emphasizes how to have a learner and growth mindset, disciplines, and principles of having success and significance in the work place. The name of the course is Suited for Work.

Healthy Relationship Principles.

Relationship boundaries :- this course covers how the young women view others, while respecting their decisions, thoughts, and actions without letting their values diminish who they are becoming. It is about how to create and experience healthy relationships by establishing healthy boundaries. We cannot fail to remember to include the principles of romantic relationships, which is vital. The name of the course is Healthy Relationship Principles.


Spiritual Essence.

Spiritual Confidence :– In all we do, in who we are, we believe in a higher power that centers us, gives us balance, and grounds us in our journeys of life. In every religion: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoism, traditionalists, ethnicity among others, there are values that strengthen our faith in the higher power. To this end, they young women will be encouraged to pursue their religious disciplines with religious authorities of their faith. The name of the course is Spiritual Essence.