Common Stereotypes You Face as a College Girl

Thursday 21st January 2016 | By Judith Mirara

It’s a Friday evening and you feel exhausted after a long day in class. You are really excited that the long awaited weekend is here, time for you to relax and rest. You can’t wait to get to your room, shower, have a snack and then relax. As you are heading to your room you run into one of your friend from home. He is pretty excited to see you and you decide to have a chat and catch up.

He offers to take you out for dinner in the nearby restaurant so that you can talk more. You accept his invitation not only because you want to catch up but because you are also hungry. As you are having your meal he gives you updates of the things happening back at home. It feels good catching up with him and getting to hear about the changes happening in your home town.

After the meal you inform him that you had to go because it was getting late. However, you can tell he’s not thrilled with the idea of you going but you insist that you needed to go because you didn’t like staying out at night. He seems shocked; he had actually intended to take you out for drinks after the meal. Apparently, he thought you would want to go out because he had heard that college girls loved partying.

Being a college girl is an exciting and unique stage of your life. You are no longer a child and you are free to do what you want but as a college girl you will face some form of stereotyping either from peers, lecturers and other adults. It feels unfair when people try to define you based on assumptions or what the pop culture says about you as a college girl. Giving you labels that are false just because of how college girls are portrayed in the media. While some may be true in some degree they just shouldn’t be used to define you as a college girl.

Some of these common beliefs are; you are lazy, you love partying and that you have eating disorders because you don’t want to gain weight. These stereotypes have even become a mocking point for punch lines and comedic skits. While some may seem funny they don’t always define all college girls. There’s actually more to you than what society says about you.

The problem with stereotypes is that they make you perform unconsciously based on the expectations placed on you by society. They are unfair and they sometimes limit your strengths and talents or make you afraid to stand out and look different.

It is actually important for you to confront these stereotypes so as not to be defined by them. Challenge the stereotypes by not following the status quo and choose to adopt a healthy mindset about yourself that is not based on the opinions of others.


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