Building a Career Begins Here

Friday 26th July 2019 | By MaryAnn

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” This was a common question for every child growing up. It was sung like a phrase as you would quickly respond with your dream career with a huge smile on your face and eyes beaming with hope.

But, what really goes into attaining that dream?

It is very unlikely to walk a few meters before noticing a construction going on whether a new road or a residential coming up. You may even catch yourself a few times staring trying to visualize how the building will look like after its completion. However, Construction is messy, loud, strenuous, and dirty especially when doing the foundation and structures.

It takes work, effort and preparation; I dare to say it’s a process.

Well, this is not a construction class. I will leave it to the experts but the same can be said about life and more so when it comes to building a career.

The start of this journey requires one to have gone through and passed a job interview. These few minutes of face-to-face time with the interviewer are very vital as they determine whether you land the job or not.

Just like that beautiful mansion you like took time to be constructed and polished to what it is; the same effort is required when preparing for an interview. Almah Interview Ready is able to bridge the existing gap in your career journey. It offers a solid foundation to begin your career and steer it forward to the destiny you aspire to achieve. The team takes the time to properly equip you with the knowledge and practical skillset so that you prepared when going for an Interview.

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