Is Excellent Grades the Key to Success?

Monday 21st October 2019 | By Emily

“Work hard in school and you will surely get a good job.” I can still hear my mother’s voice echoing the same words over and over.

But when is it going to happen? I have ticked the boxes of getting excellent grades and graduating with an honors degree but still?

Did I miss the memo!!

Growing up, I do not remember my parents agreeing on much but education was a non-negotiable. Getting straight As and an occasional B, when you had a bad day, was not an option for my siblings and I. You had to or else your future will be ruined. I mean God forbid you become like Uncle Brian who did not finish school and now hops from one blue collar job to another.

So we worked hard; at least I know I did. I had mastered all the ‘tips on how to pass exams’. I woke up at 5:00am every morning while my mind was still fresh tackled 10 sums. I would then relax a bit with a set book, constantly going through sample questions to familiarize myself with what will be set in the exam. I would then take a 10 minute break and go to chemistry or biology and that was my morning. I did my best.

Like they say hard work pays. I got an A- in my final exam. My future is looking bright, I thought.

I enrolled to a local university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. The course was tough. It was no easy walk on the park, plus I was dealing with the chaos and confusion of university life. I knew I had to push myself extra hard to ensure I got through this one too.

Four years later and I graduated with a second class upper division honors. Hurrah!! It was surely a cause for celebration. I was now ready for my success;   I had completed my end of the deal, it was the universe’ turn to do its part. I had completed my end of the deal, it was the universe’ turn to do its part. So as any other person in my shoes, I started applying for jobs. I joined all job seeking groups and downloaded all the relevant applications to aid in my search. Two years down the line, over 20 interviews down and I am still jobless.

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