Stuck On What's Next For You After Graduation?

Friday 24th May 2019 | By Maryann

When I did my final paper in Campus, I felt victorious!!. It was like the feeling a team has in the world cup finals during the last seconds before the whistle blows. Then VOILAA!! Your team is declared the winner

Finally, I was through with the 8-4-4 system (Kenyan Education Curriculum)

However, I noticed the examination room was all quiet. This was strange than usual! Everyone seemed to be in deep thought.

Where do people go after this? What should I do? Who do people call? I speculated the questions my classmates were struggling with.

And deep down, I too despite the excitement felt, this was a shared struggle!

“I should probably treat myself today’’ I thought. But another loud thought went “No, I should save that money for a rainy day” Then an abrupt thought said. “ I think am finally growing up; sacrificing and making tough decision will be one of my realities.”

So, I decided not to eat.

  I felt I have achieved so much yet so little. I was happy about my achievement yet not too happy. I thought I am relived but honestly I was stressed. I felt I had achieved so much yet so little. I was happy yet not too happy. I thought I was relived but in all honesty, I was stressed. Finally, a time to stand on my own feet was here with me. I felt lost and inadequate.

I am going to experience the ‘life out there’. I felt like a baby eagle when its mother takes it heights higher than the usual nest it has known as home, then in an instance drops her so that she can learn to fly by herself. I was scared.

In preparation to the new chapter of my life, I had applied for internships in different organizations. I hoped each day for a phone call. Within me I wished I would be completely ready on what to say at the interview, how to present myself and how to improve my curriculum vitae so that I have a competitive edge

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