The Little Things That Set You Apart

Thursday 23rd May 2019 | By Lynn Agembo

Honestly most of the things I learned are never taught in class.

Having a successful career is the dream of many college students. We describe it with great detail and enthusiasm with eyes brimming with hope the future. However, the path is not always smooth. Transitions are a time of promise but also vulnerability.

Fresh from school, I was fully armored ready to embark on this new journey –my field attachment. This was my first job. But I was completely clueless. The workplace environment was foreign to me. I did not understand how to conduct myself, what to wear, how to relate with others; generally what to expect

As a true campus girl, I turned to the greatest miracle of this age. Google!! Thanks to the person who invented it.

…I typed ‘What are the best work outfits for work?’

“If only I had someone to guide me. Someone to hold my hand. A person to assure me that it was all going to be okay.” Deep down I wished for a mentor.

While I thought about this, I shared my interest with my mother. This is when I first heard about Alabastron. My mother had attended the Almah life Interactive Day where she learnt about Interview Ready. So, she shared with me one of their posters for Interview Ready program.

“This is exactly what I needed!” I thought to myself.

Without much persuasion, I was completely sold. Immediately, I called the office and signed up for the program. As a young lady coming into the work space I needed information on how to have an effective toolkit for my career. This for me began by understanding how to not only apply for a job but also get the job.

The sessions were very interactive. This made the transitioning stage look effortless. We had amazing coaches. They coached on how to know the worth and value you bring in an organization. This changed my perception about the job market. My highlight was on understanding the impact of the little things as I undertake a task such as attitude, dress code and first impressions.

This mind shift completely transformed me. Confidence was oozing out of me. I felt I was ready to take up my transition into being a career person. Later, I secured an attachment. The skills I acquired from the program were evident. This is so as the organization offered to engage me during the long holidays after my attachment period expired. YAASS!!! Honestly most of the things I learned are never taught in class.

So, if you are in search of a job and you’ve been experiencing challenges from how to apply to getting a job then to growing career wise. This is the program for you. Click HERE to fill the form and set yourself apart as the right candidate in your field of study.


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