The Preparation

Sunday 16th June 2019 | By MaryAnn

Benjamin Franklin better puts it that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

The online job application process can be likened to the ‘tarmacking’ stage that most graduate meet themselves in after campus. I agree that after numerous applications, getting a call back for an interview is worthy of celebration.

However, being well prepared for an interview to ensure you get a job offer with your potential employer is a skill set that should be in a tool kit of anyone seeking for an employment opportunity.

In becoming Interview Ready one needs to consider the following key steps:

Research about the company beforehand. This means engaging with the different new media platforms a company has embraced. It gives you a better understanding of who they and what they do. It also comes in handy when answering the questions as you are able to tailor your answers by giving examples of what is relatable. It also enables you to understand the value you can add through the position you’ve applied for.

Review potential interview questions likely to be asked. This is doing the actual presentation you will do at the interview. This can be with a trusted friend or a relative you liv with. It makes it easy for you during the interview because you remember how you were practicing for the interview process. This helps calm your nerves so that you’re not scrambling for an answer and feeling like you’re on a hot seat.

Have all important credentials with you. Carrying all documents both original copies and photocopies go a long way. It shows you know how to present yourself. It shows order and organization. Also, ensuring they are presented in a nice official file. Additionally, it is prudent to carry a working pen and a notebook. It shows you are present as you answer each question.

Prepare a proper interview outfit. You are addressed how you dress up. Don't wait until the last minute, to have an official interview outfit ready. This helps one avoid pacing looking for something to wear on the day of the interview. This means observing official colors such as navy blue, grey, brown, black. This can be a fitting suit trouser, skirt or dress. Also, avoiding to much makze up, strong colognes and excessive accessories.

Possibly you’ve just landed a job interview after a long wait but you still feel unprepared. This is only a snippet of what will be covered, as we will be able to break down all these steps to actionable points. Don’t be left behind. Join Almah Interview Ready on 19th to 21st of June to gain clarity and become Interview Ready. Click HERE to confirm a slot.


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