Why Am I Not Getting Any Feedback

Friday 31st May 2019 | By MaryAnn

I started making my application for internships and entry-level jobs back in school even before completing my undergraduate studies. Online social groups had become job advertisement forums streaming with messages from potential hiring firms. A loyal friend was one that sent me a poster and sometimes a link to a website for a potential job before the due date. (Fingers crossed as you both submitted your applications).

Friends and family members back at home also did their due diligence by making sure they spread the word.

“You know my daughter is almost completing her studies.” My family members alert a possible employer or a contact person every time they meet them.

I spent most of my time looking out for opportunities. I would quickly look at the qualification segment and when I am convinced that this one was meant for me. I apply for the position. My email account was full of applications. However despite the excitement of finally getting to the workspace, I rarely got any feedback let alone a response to any of my applications.

Waiting can be torturous. Experiencing radio silence can be downright brutal.

The lack of feedback left me feeling inadequate. I would recheck the email address to confirm I keyed in the right details and that it was well received. It was paramount that my phone be fully charged lest I miss any important calls. In addition, I ensured that my phone was loaded with data bundles in case I got any response. My email account was more viewed than my usual social media accounts. Linked and job advertisement sites became my most frequently visited sites. I made certain I was properly updated. Yet, all my efforts did not bare much fruit.   The lack of feedback left me feeling inadequate

“What might be the matter?” I wondered. “I think I followed all the guidelines”.

This trend began getting to me. It was evident that I began believing my fate could just end up like most of my peers. I began second guessing yourself. I would question whether I am doing the right thing? Is there a secret to all this that I am not in the know, Or what? Why am I not getting any call back?

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